A Reason to Believe

I am always interested in reasons to believe in God, and one such reason is science’s law of biogenesis.  But before talking about biogenesis, we should define what makes a scientific law a law in the first place.  A scientific law is a discovery achieved through extensive investigation which consistently points to one conclusion.  The laws of science explain how things work in nature all the time, without exception.  The most common scientific law that I can think of is the law of gravity; when we let go of something, we know where to look for it – it’s down there.  The difference between a “law” and a “theory” is that a scientific law points to one conclusion; all the time.  A theory points to a possibility among many possibilities. The law of biogenesis states something that all of us know from our own experience – life comes from life and produces its own kind; nothing else.  The law of biogenesis affirms the Bible’s Genesis account of the origins of life and subsequent propagation.  Webster’s Dictionary defines “life” in part by saying: “The property or quality by which living organisms are distinguished from inanimate matter, especially as shown in the ability to grow, carry on metabolism, respond to stimuli, and reproduce.  The period of time between an organism’s birth or inception and its death.”

There can only be two possibilities for the origin of life – it was created; or it created itself.  The late evolutionist Robert Jastrow, founding director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said “… either life was created on the earth by the will of a being outside the grasp of scientific understanding, or it evolved on our planet spontaneously, through chemical reactions occurring in non living matter lying on the surface of the planet.”

The scientific law of biogenesis leads to only one conclusion – life was created on the earth by the will of a being outside the grasp of scientific understanding.  This being is the God of heaven.  Genesis 2: 7 “The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being.”

Jeff Miller in his article “The Law of Biogenesis” (Part I), noted in the references below, stated the alternative to the Bible view of creation when he said “…once upon a time a dead rock oozed non-living, primeval, prebiotic, organic soup.  One day, lightening struck and that soup came to life”.  To me this second option, which clearly opposes a scientific law, requires far more faith than belief in the living God of heaven.  God gives us reason to believe in Him – after all he established the very scientific laws that govern this universe in which we live.

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– Russ Cosby



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