Farewell to Ruth Fanjoy

Ruth passed away Friday morning in Grove Park Home.  She was a member of our congregation, having been baptized into Christ over a year ago.  I spent a little time with Ruth on Thursday, meeting her daughter and granddaughter in her room.  They told me about the hard life Ruth lived, raising her family of five children on her own after her marriage ended.  For one lengthy period Ruth had to live in a tent with the children while her husband built a house.  At one point she weighed over 500 pounds, but decided to get rid of the extra weight – and succeeded over time.

While I didn’t know Ruth very well, I visited her in GPH occasionally.  She was always overjoyed to see me, even though I was really just a stranger to her.  She was proud of her children and so happy to be a Christian.  She told me several times that George McKinnon was really responsible for her interest in the church, because he used to pick her up on Sundays and bring her.  Many of you will remember that.

We will miss Ruth.  She, along with many seniors at GPH, determine to attend on Sundays even when they don’t feel well.  Most of them struggle along, but they want to be with us.  Ruth did, and she obeyed the gospel.  She’s now with her Lord.  Let’s never think these people are of no benefit to us, or that we don’t have an effect on them.  I’m thankful for Rudy and those who help him bring these seniors into the auditorium every Sunday.  In Ruth’s memory, take a moment to greet them.

-Tim Johnson