Young Adult Weekend

Our College and Careers group comes together to organize an annual event known as the Young Adult Weekend.

This event is geared towards young adults aged 18-35, both single and married, to give an opportunity to fellowship with members of other congregations as well as young people in the community. In addition to organized social activities throughout the weekend, a guest speaker presents relevant and timely lessons to encourage the young people as they strive to be like Christ in the world.

Please have a look at our previous event posters and feel free to email [email protected] for more information or to be added to our mailing list to receive notifications of future events.

It’s that time again! YAW is fast approaching. We are looking forward to hearing lessons from our guest speaker this year, David Gray. He is from Wetumka Alabama. 

Our theme is “When the Dust Settles”. The weekend will be held May 6th-7th. Stay tuned, more details to come! 

It has yet to be determined whether this year’s event will be held online, in person or a hybrid of both. Our plans will be adjusted accordingly, as the pandemic continues to unfold. 

We hope everyone is doing well and look forward to seeing you all for some much needed fellowship and spiritual growth, together!

Barrie Young Adults (Jonathan, Amy, Sarah, Mitchell, Ashley, Isaac and Jordon)