Our Permanent King

National elections can be very stressful. A few months ago, we voted in a new government, which of course is the previous government reworked. Many people worry about how well our federal politicians will perform with the kinds of challenges Canada faces these days. In the United States, people are upset with the troubles in which their government is embroiled. This is the nature of democracy. Leaders are voted in when the previous ones have run out of time or become unfit to continue. Often the same people are placed in power for another mandate. We have the privilege of voting for the people we think are best, but we don’t always get what we want. In my lifetime, there have been 13 different Prime Ministers so far.  

If we worry about the suitableness of new leaders every four or five years, what would it be like if our great high priest in heaven changed every few years also? Wouldn’t we worry about his ability to keep us saved?

The writer of the Book of Hebrews discusses this in chapter 7:23-25. He reminds us that a new high priest had to be appointed over the Israelites every time an old one passed away. “They existed in greater numbers because they were prevented by death from continuing.” Like our modern-day politicians, people never knew what they would get.

But Jesus is different. He will never become incompetent or die. He sits in heaven permanently, which gives us confidence that we will continue to be saved and looked after every day. “He, on the other hand, because He abides forever, holds his Priesthood permanently. Hence, also, He is able to save forever those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.”

National leaders will come and go. But Jesus will always remain our great High Priest. He sits on the throne forever. He can keep us saved right to the end. Do not worry.

– Tim Johnson