New Year: 2016

The new year will be born at midnight on Thursday, and Friday will be its first day. Lot’s of exciting things are planned in the world for 2016. Here’s a few: It will be Leap Year again; Brazil will host the summer Olympics; the Americans will have their national election (will Donald Trump last that long?); the last remaining American, British and Australian troops will withdraw from Afghanistan.

It will also be a big year for space events: A new orbiter will arrive on Mars; the Juno spacecraft is expected to arrive on Jupiter (taking 5 years to get there); a space hotel for tourists is to be launched from Russia; the Chinese will complete the 5-year construction of the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope.

All of these expensive events and projects are interesting, and hopefully will be of some benefit to man. However, they only affect us in our world, and perhaps one could say in our solar system. Peter reminded us that the entire universe is destined to be destroyed on the day of the Lord (2 Pet.3:10-11). There are therefore more important things that affect people eternally and should occupy our minds. Things like sharing the gospel that saves man from judgment (Mk.16:15-16), helping people improve their lives as Christians so they will be ready, relieving the sufferings of brothers and sisters (1 Jn.3:17-18), and strengthening the church which is “the pillar and support of the truth” (1 Tim.3:15).

We can enjoy the achievements of man, but it is a greater joy to be involved in triumphs of the faith. Let’s especially be involved in these.

-Tim Johnson