Why Should I Be Honest?

You might ask yourself this question now that we are in the middle of tax season again. Perhaps it is a no-brainer why one should live an honest life. But in view of the lack of integrity in many people today, we would do well to think about why we should live an impeccable life. Consider the following reasons.

Trust. To be successful in business or hold a responsible job, a person must have a reputation for honesty. Resources are not entrusted to those proven untrustworthy.

Good health. Those who practice integrity are bound to have better health. They have less concern, less stress and feel better about themselves. They don’t feel the need to look over their shoulder.

Pride. You have probably never met a liar who has any real pride in himself. If one’s reputation is grounded in deception, one’s opinion of one’s self will be poor indeed. Being honest just plain feels good.

Peace of Mind. If we cheat on our income taxes, we may get away with it, but we’ll probably always worry about being audited and face fines and even jail. It is impossible to worry and be happy at the same time.

Confidence. Many people have good “BULL detectors.” They know – at least at some level – when we are being a fake. They often see through one’s façade. It is said, “There is no way to have real confidence in oneself when we are walking on bull.”

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Good Relationships. They are the jewels of our lives. Breaches in trust are the death knell of good relationships. When trust in gone, there is no foundation upon which to build.

Somebody said, “The right thing to do is seldom the easy thing to do. But it is worth it.”

– David and Tim Johnson