Welcome to the Barrie Church of Christ!

We are a group of Christians whose aim is to know God’s word and practice it everyday as He would have us do; in worship; in fellowship; and in service to our community and all those we meet.

Our name, the church of Christ, can be found in the Bible in Romans 16:16. It expresses who we are: Christians who desire to follow only Christ and His word. It’s our aim to teach and live as Christ asked His earlier followers to do in the Bible. We don’t want to be a church dedicated to the teachings of men, nor are we just another denomination. We want to be simply and genuinely the church of Christ. What guides us is the Word of God and we have no creed other than the Scriptures, which we examine at every meeting. We strive to learn from its great truths and let them lead us in all aspects of our daily lives. We want to care about people and put them first. Jesus came to serve, and we want to serve too.

Come and visit one of our meetings; we’ll give you a small gift at the door. We’d also love to receive a message from you; we’ll guarantee a reply! What to expect on your first visit.

— Kevin Cleary, evangelist.