Comforts of the Rich

Louvre, tower 1Jesus was pretty hard on the rich. He sent the wealthy young ruler away feeling low (Mt.19:22). You’ll remember what He said about camels and the eye of a needle (v24). And in Luke 6:24 he warned, “Woe to you who are rich, for you are receiving your comfort in full.”

Since the New Testament later reveals that there were wealthy Christians we understand that it is not a sin to be rich. But the pursuit of wealth brings many troubles. In Jesus’ day the rich were generally ruthless, uncaring people; this is what Jesus spoke against.

One of the problems of the wealthy is that they are tempted to be very short-sighted. He said they “are receiving their comfort in full.” These are people who, lacking any faith in God, amass great fortunes and selfishly spend it on haughty-looking mansions, and drive expensive vehicles that pamper to their comfort. It’s as if this life is all there is, so they’re going to indulge themselves while they can. This is irrational because God has so much more for His people in the next life.

I’ve met people all over Canada who have never left their own province, content with their home town. They don’t realize there’s a whole country to explore. The rich are short-sighted because they are “receiving their comfort in full” in this life, failing to realize God has a whole new realm for His people in the next life – if they will only follow Him. Don’t just settle for present comfort, live for Jesus and look forward to a wonderful future.

– Tim Johnson