Doctor Luke

While Luke is only mentioned by name three times in the Bible, his reputation is huge. We would know very little about him if it wasn’t for his authorship of the gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts (in both, he does not name himself). He wrote them about 30 years after the church began (a.d.60-62), but what do we know about him before that?

In Acts16:10, Luke gives us a subtle hint that he joined Paul and Silas in Troas, on their way to Macedonia. For over 15 years Luke was one of Paul’s fellow-workers (Philemon 24). He would be loyal right to the end of Paul’s life, staying by his side in a Roman prison as he awaited death. In the midst of lonely words Paul said, “Only Luke is with me.” (2 Tim.4:11)

It is Luke’s work as a doctor that makes him famous in our minds. Paul calls him “the beloved physician” (Col.4:14). He chose to travel with Paul’s group of evangelists, likely applying his skills to maintain the health of these hard-working, often persecuted men. But the way Paul mentions him – the beloved physician – gives us the impression Luke was appreciated by Christians wherever they traveled. I can picture him tending to sick and injured Christians across Asia Minor, Greece and Macedonia. Healing souls often goes hand-in-and with healing physical bodies. We see this in Jesus, and Luke did the same. He was beloved by Christians everywhere.

He offered his skills in the service of Jesus Christ. Think about how you make a living. What are your skills? Find a way to put them to work in service to your Lord. He will be pleased, and you will be beloved.

– Tim Johnson