inheritance“Therefore you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God.” (Gal.4:7)

I’ve read that the baby boom generation is inheriting more wealth than anyone in the history of our country. This is because their parents lived during the most prosperous time of our history. People are inheriting houses, cottages, businesses and savings. Usually received with joy, soon the responsibility of sudden gain throws a different light on things.

Houses must be fixed up and sold, and many decisions made about the contents. Cottages may need upkeep, and their use must often be shared. Businesses will falter if no one has the skills to run them, and there is a host of legal matters to sell a company. Inherited savings can bring on large tax bills, squabbling between heirs, and many problems. An inheritance is nice, but it takes wisdom to deal with it sensibly.

We’re told in scripture that in Christ we are heirs. We receive great things from God as a gift. He gives us salvation, a future, love, peace, and joy. And beyond this life is a great reward. Unlike worldly inheritances, there are no strings attached, no legal bills, no taxes,no negotiations. But there are obligations. Some gladly take God’s gifts, but refuse to serve and share. Others receive, but don’t allow themselves to have joy and peace. Still others squander it. How are you handling your inheritance from God? It’s a wonderful blessing that enriches your life and welcomes you into the glories of the next life. Cherish it, serve Him because of it, and be a blessing to others.

– Tim Johnson