He Felt Compassion For Them

Our country is known as a kind place where people treat each other fairly. But with our busy schedules requiring us to be three places at once, our finer qualities seem to be lagging these days. Our worst offense is simply be in somebody else’s way.

God has always called on His people to be kind and sympathetic, even when others urge us to be mean. The prophet Elisha managed to trick an invading army and disarm them single-handedly, in 2 Kings 6:22-23. He led them blinded into the middle of Samaria and, surrounded by bloodthirsty Jewish soldiers urging slaughter, Elisha insisted on feeding them instead. “So he prepared a great feast for them, and when they had eaten and drunk he sent them away.” Such consideration was unheard of in such violent times! It granted years of peace for Israel. Continue reading