Take Courage

Jesus and PilateWe welcome our speaker today, Kevin Cleary from Meaford. He’s chosen to teach us about faithful living when we face the world’s pressures – and Christians do grapple with some peculiar kinds.

Jesus was no stranger to “tribulation,” which is another word for the pressures that come at us from the world. He spoke of it in John 16:33 shortly before he was arrested and killed. These events weighed heavily on him, yet he did not shrink back in fear. He faced them with confidence. He expected pressure from the world, and he taught his disciples to expect the same. But he gave them a reason to have courage: “I have overcome the world.” Soon he would rise again from the dead and be victorious over all that the world did to him.

We can face just about anything, as long as we stand with him. He knows how to handle pressures and troubles, and he’s right there beside us to give us help. The result is peace. “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.” Pilate was amazed when Jesus stood before him with confidence and peace, when any other man would have collapsed in fear. (Mk.15:4-5). Eventually it was Pilate who crumbled, not Jesus.

This is the One who stands with us. Take courage.

– Tim Johnson