May 28, 2023
     This is a time of year when people can get especially grumpy. The crowds get bigger as outdoor activities draw people to various attractions. The traffic gets worse as more people are out and about especially as everyone is trying to get to the cottage. This makes it harder to be patient and understanding. As Christians however we are called to be different. We should approach the world with a different attitude.
     Favour is a word that accurately describes this attitude. Webster says that favour is friendly regard shown toward another. It means that we are inclined to think better of someone rather than worse. Paul says this is one of the characteristics of love (1Cor 13:6-7). We should as Christians look for the best in people assume good intentions of people. We tend to be good at this in some situations but not so much in others. Sometimes we need a reminder and I want to offer one.
     In Romans chapter 5 Paul discusses an important concept called grace. If you look up that word you will find that the simplest definition is undeserved favour. So Paul is talking about God showing favour we don’t deserve. As you read through this short chapter you find Paul talking about God showing men favour but the words used to talk about those receiving the favour are: sinner, unrighteous, enemies. These are not terms we would usually associate with those to whom we are inclined to show favour.
     The point is, God through Christ shows favour to all men, especially those who don’t deserve it. I am thankful for this since I don’t deserve Gods favour. But if I am to be like God I must do the same thing. Do I show favour to those who are my enemies? How about just those who frustrate me? How do I think of the person who cuts me off in traffic or cuts in line at the store during this busy shopping season? What about those who make unreasonable demands?
     God shows favour even when we don’t deserve it. We as his people must do the same.
~ Kevin Cleary