Fruit Without A Tree

May 5, 202

     If you want peaches, you need a peach tree, if you want cherries you need to plant a cherry tree, if you want apples you guessed it you need an apple tree.

     What if you want a healthy family, a cohesive society, a peaceful country, a thriving economy, a healthy environment to raise children? The tree that provides all of this is Christian Faith. For decades numerous parties have worked to remove every vestige of Christian faith from western civilization. Now the Nietzschean chickens have come home to roost, God has been pushed out and with Him, His common grace. It seems that some are starting to realize they like and even need the fruit of Christianity. 

     Nietzsche famously said: “When you give up Christian faith, you pull the rug out from under your right to Christian morality as well. This is anything but obvious: you have to keep driving this point home, English idiots to the contrary.” 

     When Richard Dawkins recently started to notice he said “You know I love hymns and Christmas Carols. I feel at home in the Christian ethos. I feel that we are a Christian country in that sense”.

     Joe Rogan in commenting on the state of the world said “we need Jesus” and says “If he is coming back now would be a good time”

     Jordan Peterson has been arguing for some time that the moral underpinnings of our civilization are derived practically from scripture. He has further concluded that it requires a metaphysical foundation. He has not commented on the historical realities of Christianity which I will be interested to see him deal with. At this point however he all but admits that the Christian God exists. 

     Atheist historian Tom Holland, commented on Dawkins above statement: “ secularism & Dawkins’ own brand of evangelical atheism are both expressions of a specifically Christian culture – as Dawkins himself, sitting on the branch he’s been sawing through and gazing nervously at the ground far below, seems to have begun to realize.”

     Recently Russel Brand has expressed his discovery of faith and has even been baptized. 

     Could it be that something of an awakening is taking place? Could it be that a larger world is waking up to what we as the body of Christ have known all along. The optimist in me says yes or at least maybe. However, my fear is that people will satisfy their desire for faith with empty easy belief, or they will return to the Catholicism, Methodism, or Pentecostalism of their family or youth. They may be drawn to the flashy options like Benny Hinn, or Joel Olsten. Any of these would be preferable to pure secularism. That said, my prayer is that they turn to the Bible. My aim it to do whatever I can to help them, and I’m sure that yours is as well. We should see the sentiments above as an opportunity, we should open our eyes and see the fields are white unto harvest. 

     What a great opportunity we have in this dark world to remind people that you can’t have the fruit of Christian morality without the tree of Christian Faith. 

~ Kevin Cleary