It Sounds Really Good

December 17, 202

     We all like to think that we are good, more importantly we want others to think that we are good. Because of this if people can feel good about what they are doing they are more likely to do it. That’s good it’s a part of what it means to be made in the image of God. However, there is a downside. Often if people can be convinced that they should feel good about a behaviour they will do it even if it’s not actually good.

     Away in a Manger started with a clever marketing strategy. When it was first published in the late 1800’s is had the title “composed by Martin Luther for his Children and still sung by German mothers to their children”. The last verse was written by Charles Gabriel who attributed it to Luther as well. Later research has not turned up the actual author but has confirmed that the song was not written by Luther.

     We can see how making people associate the song with Luther caused them to feel good about singing it. They were happy to be tricked because it made them feel good.

     Today there are all kinds of things that we are told we should do or should believe if we are “Good” A more contemporary example of this is paper straws. It has been shown that the production of paper straws requires more energy and involves process that are not that good for the environment. People don’t care about the facts they just want to pat themselves on the back so they happily use terrible straws without question. 

     These are just a couple of examples that we could give. I appreciate people’s desire to do the right thing, especially as Christians we should want to be good Godly people. This desire however must be informed by knowledge. Scripture contains all that we need to know to be effective faithful servants of God. We need to be careful that our good intentions are no co-opted by bad information. 

~ Kevin Cleary