Our Captain

The world values good leadership. Without it armies falter, companies go bankrupt, the economy sours, and whole countries weaken. We’ve seen all of these things happen lately in the world. When wise leadership does not exist, people long for someone to provide guidance.

Jesus Christ is described with an interesting term in Heb.2:10 – “The captain of our salvation” (KJV). More modern versions translate the word as “author” or “leader.” It’s used a second time in Heb.12:2, where he calls Jesus the “author and perfecter of faith.”  We’re told in that verse to keep our eyes on Him, for He is our leader.We remember the indecisive Israelites hoping to be freed from Pharaoh’s grasp. God provided a captain for them, leading them through the Red Sea and on into the desert for a 40-year trek over inhospitable land. We think of Joshua who led them into many battles to secure their new land. Jesus is now and forever the greatest leader of those who love God. He’s our captain, the forerunner of those who want to go faithfully through life and on into heaven.

While His leadership is second to none, we don’t always make it through. The problem is that the conditions through which we must pass are full of opposition, difficulties and perplexities. We start to focus on those things, not on our captain up ahead. This is why the Hebrew writer cautions us to keep our eyes on our captain. He went through all of life’s hardships, and now He can lead us through every threatening obstacle – right on into heaven.

Watch our captain, listen to His command, and follow.

– Tim Johnson