Simon, Who Bore the Cross

The New Testament mentions many obscure people. One is Simon, grabbed by Romans soldiers to carry the cross behind Jesus for the final leg of that famous walk to Golgotha. Matthew, Mark and Luke mention him. John generalizes the incident by stating “He went out, bearing His own cross” (Jn.19:17). His exposure in the gospel writings indicates his important, yet unexpected role with the cross. Simon has always been remembered by grateful disciples down through the centuries. Continue reading

Last Stop Before Jerusalem

It is said that Jesus made his fatal journey to Jerusalem in the spring, 33 a.d. Due to historical errors in ancient date keeping, the exact time is unknown, although the world has settled on complicated formulas to settle an arbitrary date for what has come to be known as Easter. The actual Biblical accounts mention “winter” (John 10:23), and that people were warming themselves over fires at the Jewish trial of Jesus (John 18:18). A quick Internet search showed 20 C. weather in the city today (68 F); hardly a time for bonfires. Therefore we don’t really know the actual dates for the events surrounding the trials, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Continue reading