The Things That Matter

With a week of 2019 already behind us, there are lots of interesting things planned for the rest of the year in Canada and the world. Here’s a few: A federal election is planned for October; we might have a new Prime Minister. A new rocket-launching spaceport will begin its construction phase – in Cape Breton. The Toronto Raptors and Maple Leafs are currently doing so well, we might see them reach the playoffs. And in the tech world, 3-D printing will become so developed, dentists may be able to print out a set of false teeth for those who need it. With so many discouraging things happening in the world right now, there are always interesting things to look forward to. Let’s hope some of them will be beneficial to man.

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However, these things only affect us in the physical world around us.  Peter reminded us that the entire universe is destined to come to an end at the day of the Lord (2 Pet.3:10-11). Therefore, there are more important things that will affect people eternally, and these should occupy our minds. Things like sharing the gospel that saves man from judgment (Mk.16:15-16), helping people improve their lives as Christians so they will be effective and happy, relieving the sufferings of brothers and sisters (1 Jn.3:17-18), showing mercy and kindness to people around us, and strengthening the church, which is “the pillar and support of the truth” (1 Tim.3:15).

We can enjoy the achievements of man, but it is a greater joy to be involved in triumphs of the faith. Let’s especially pay attention to these.    

– Tim Johnson