Victim Of Circumstance Part 2

July 30, 202

Last week we began thinking about what impact people’s life circumstances have one their current beliefs and practices. We noted that many have argued that we are who we are because of where we are born and what community we come from. Last week we noted many examples of people who changed despite their circumstances. This week I want to add a further point which is God’s revelation and expectation.

     God has spoken. Repeatedly in scripture God has revealed his will to men and expected them to understand it and respond. The most drastic example may be in the days of Noah. The only way people could escape destruction was to believe that the world was going to flood and be on board the ark. This had never happened before people would have no previous experience to demonstrate the truth of Noah’s claim except that God said it. The Old Testament is filled with examples like this. However the greatest example in scripture is no doubt Jesus. He came to earth challenging everything people thought. Some of his harshest criticism was for those who would not abandon their long held and well established religious convictions.

     God has not stopped speaking. People today are no different than they have ever been. Does God expect people to trust him and obey him today? How can someone who was raised thinking that salvation is by faith alone draw any other conclusion? How can someone who has worshiped for years with an instrument know any better? How can religious people who sincerely think they are doing right be condemned for making a mistake. Jesus himself explained that on the day of judgement many would say “Lord Lord we did all these things in your name” but would be sent away as unknown to Him. He goes on to point out that it’s not saying “Lord Lord” but doing the will of the father that identifies you as one of His. Should we expect people to accept what God has revealed and act on it before considering them Christians? God does, our place is only to recognize what God has said and communicate it. 

     I know this is not politically correct or even very popular. God does not call me to be popular he calls me to trust Him, to lean on Him and to take him at his word even if no one likes it. I vow to seek His face with all of my being, to accept His will and obey it whatever that means. Because I know he created me with the ability to understand truth and live it even if my circumstances would lead me another way. He calls all mankind to do the same.

~ Kevin Cleary