The world cries out for men of vision. Great problems of society long for solutions. Elections loom and we look for leaders with solid ideas. People listen to those who speak with wisdom and foresight. Visionaries of the past are still honored today. If there is no vision, there is decline and corruption (Prov.29:18).

The secret to wise vision is the wisdom only God can give. For eighty years Moses had the wrong vision. God had to break him before he paid attention to the correct one. Even then, he complained and objected to God’s vision. But he soon agreed, and gave himself to his new vision for his final 40 years on earth. And what a great leader he was! God must break us before He can instill His vision into our hearts.

Vision without God is always disastrous. The kings of Israel are a sad story of leaders with the wrong vision. Of the 43 listed in Kings and Chronicles, only a handful adopted a righteous vision from God for the country. The majority only had selfish ambitions of fame, power and riches. The decline of the nation is tragic. If we don’t centre our vision in God, it’s too easy to slip into unwise directions.

We can’t allow our vision to become weak. After Judah was destroyed by Babylon, Jeremiah lamented that the prophets had stopped listening to God. They claimed to look for vision, but couldn’t find it. (Lamentations 2:9) Only 70 years in Babylon woke them up.

The greatest vision for life is found in Jesus Christ. Don’t drift along; let the Lord give you vision and purpose for the future. As one man put it, “Keep your nose in the scriptures; keep the scriptures in your heart.”

– Tim Johnson