He’s Such A Saint

June 25, 202

I recently read the story about a boy who went to a worship service in a beautiful ornate church building. It had stained-glass windows with pictures of individuals made to represent “Saint Matthew,” “Saint Mark,” Saint Luke,” and “Saint John” to name a few.

When the boy grew older he was asked to define “saint.” He reflected on the beautiful stain glass windows through which the sun shined brightly. He said, “A saint is a person whom the light shines through.”

I’ve heard several folks who claim to be Christians exclaim, “I’m no saint!” However, my Bible tells me something different about one who is a true New Testament Christian. A Christian is a saint. Phillipians 4:21 says, “Salute every saint in Christ Jesus. The brethren which are with me greet you.”

Who are the saints? All those who “are in Christ.” What does it mean to be in Christ? It means to be a Christian. Every Christian is in Christ.

Now, not every saint acts like one. In other words, not every saint let’s the light shine through.

What about you? Maybe you need to take out the Windex and clean the glass so that the light will shine through and show the glorious light of Jesus Christ. We call that the blood of Jesus. As Christians, when we make mistakes, falter, and fall, God will forgive us if we but ask him, and repent of our sinfulness.

Is the light of Jesus shining through your life?

Neil Richey 

~Kevin Cleary