I Am Becoming My Father

June 18, 202

“I’m Becoming My Father” 

Most adults I know have found themselves using phrases and even engaging in behaviours that they learned from their parents (much to their dismay). 

Recognizing this tenancy:

– What if your child sees you start every day with prayer and Bible study?

– What if you child sees you thank God for the blessings you enjoy in life?

– What if your child sees you show love and sacrifice to the people around you?

– What if your child sees you regularly attend Bible study and Worship?

– What if your child sees you tell your spouse you love them, more importantly sees you demonstrate that love?

– What if your child sees you take responsibility for mistakes, seek reconciliation and forgiveness?

– What if your Child sees you model your life after Jesus?

With Father’s day upon us lets be the kind of fathers (and mothers but’s that’s a different day) that would be glad to have our children say “Oh no I’m becoming my father”

We might further reflect on this idea by bringing to mind that our Heavenly Father calls us to lay aside earthly influences and the weakness of the flesh and be like him. Our children model our behaviour because we rub off on them over time. If we want our Father and his unique son to be the primary influence in our lives we will need to spend time with them. Rom 8:29; I Pet 1:13-17; Gal 2:20

Happy Father Day

Kevin Cleary