Implications of Secularism

February 11, 202

We live in a time where thankfully many people acknowledge the inherent value of human life. Where we understand that all men are created equal and that value is not based on dollars in the bank impressive titles physical or mental abilities. Rather all souls are precious because they are from God who gives life. While we can be thankful that most in society agree with these truths we should also understand that this was not always the case. Some would argue that progress once made is sure and established but this is not the testimony of history. We live in a country where we have given up the sanctity of life if that life is just starting out, or if that life is uncomfortable, or sadly even if its just inconvenient. The Federal Liberal party recently tried and failed to pass a bill that would allow people dealing with mental illness to avail themselves of Physician assisted suicide. This time thankfully it failed. While we can be thankful for the mentally ill. Such is not the case for unborn babies who can be killed in Canada even up to the moment of delivery.

The equality and protection we enjoy is tenuous at best and losing it is the most logical implication of secularism. I want to turn your attention away from the sanctity of life to the equality of the sexes because this too is a principal that must be based on God’s creation. Notice that God placed man and woman above creation and said “Let them have dominion.” Consider below a short quotation from an Apologetics press article talking about the beliefs of Darwin.

The logical implications of Darwinism lead the honest thinker to the conclusion that equality for all humans is illusory. Not only did Charles Darwin admit that Darwinian evolution implies that certain races of people are inferior to others, with equal candor he concluded that women are inferior to men as well (see Lyons and Butt, 2009). In his monumental work, The Descent of Man, Darwin wrote:

The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man’s attaining to a higher eminence, in whatever he takes up, than can woman—whether requiring deep thought, reason, or imagination, or merely the use of the senses and hands…. [T]he average of mental power in man must be above that of woman…. [M]an has ultimately become superior to woman (1871, pp. 873-874, emp. added).

According to Darwin, males had evolved to a higher level than females. As evidence of his conclusion, he simply stated that males “attain to a higher eminence” in everything that they take up when compared to females. Using this line of reasoning, it would be impossible to condemn men for treating women as inferior, because, if men have the mental or physical ability to treat women as inferior, it must mean that men are stronger or more fit to survive and rule. It is ironic that the atheistic community, which is so enamored with Darwin, is suggesting that the Bible’s view of women is immoral. In reality, if their view of atheistic evolution is true, then all male-dominated societies are such because males are more able to dominate. And since survival of the fittest is desired, one must conclude that a male dominated society, in which women are viewed as inferior to men (as Darwin put it), must be at least one very prevalent natural order of things. Even if the skeptical community is right concerning its accusations about the Bible’s “mistreatment” of women (which it is not), how could the Bible be accused of maintaining an immoral stance, when that stance coincides perfectly with the Darwinian view of the “natural order of things?” In truth, those who propound atheism and Darwinian ideals have a much more thorny problem with the logical implications of their ideas as they relate to women, than those who teach that the Bible is the inspired Word of a perfectly moral God.

Sadly, most are not aware of what’s at stake and so run from God thinking that his moral imperatives are a restrictive fence when in fact they are a guard rail protecting us from a cliff.

This becomes just one more reason to share the Love and Truth of God with all who will hear.

~ Kevin Cleary