Knowledge And Wisdom

February 4, 202

I have a younger cousin who works as an engineer. While in school he learned lots of physics. One of the things he learned a lot about is the mechanics of air flow. When he got into the working world he didn’t take a job which directly dealt with air flow mechanics instead he works designing pumps. I once asked him “How did you end up doing that”. He pointed out that although he had little training in fluid dynamics but water moves in almost the exact same way that air does. He later took this same knowledge of the way water moves and combined it with his love of fishing to create a lure. All of this makes a great illustration of wisdom verses knowledge. 

     Knowledge you can get out of a book. Wisdom however is the ability to take what you have found in the book and apply it in new and different ways. Everyone who’s been in school knows how to study for a test verses how to study and learn the material. 

     When we study the Bible this discussion become paramount; The Bible contains everything we need for “life and godliness” such that we can be fully equipped for living the Christian life (2Pet 1:3; 2Tim 3:17). Some have considered these statements and thought; but wait, the Bible does not mention telephone fraud, or road rage. The right response to this is the Bible gives us all the knowledge we need to deal with any situation but God expects us to have the wisdom to apply it (Heb 5:14). 

     When we study the Bible then it is not to memorize material for a test. It is to learn and embrace knowledge that can be applied to real life. It’s to become so familiar with that subject of scripture “the Christ” that we become like him. This is wisdom, to take what we read in scripture and let it change us into his image.

~ Kevin Cleary