An Anchor of the Soul

 If you’ve been to the Maritimes, you probably saw something that’s common to all coastal communities: an anchor propped up in a seaside park. Besides being a nice spot to take pictures, anchors are a connection to great ships of the past that were manufactured there, or maybe the town served as a home port. Some anchors are man-size, but many are gigantic. Once deployed, a huge ship isn’t going anywhere.  Continue reading

The Flight That Disappeared

Two weeks ago we were shocked to hear about the Malaysian Airlines #370 jet that seemed to disappear somewhere over the ocean of of southeast Asia.  Our hearts go out to the families of the passengers who beg for answers about the fate of their loved ones.  It’s amazing that a modern airplane equipped with the latest computerized systems could be lost without a trace, especially when it was being tracked from the ground by air traffic controllers.  Theories will continue to swirl until the facts are finally known. Continue reading